Mechanical Inspection

INSPECTEAM Hydro – Your Second Party Mechanical Inspection Specialist.

Our Quality Surveillance Inspectors can visit a client’s sub-contractor facility to witness and verify inspections and tests, review conduct of special processes, verify measurements and test results and assess workmanship.

INSPECTEAM Hydro inspectors are available for one-day visits or resident assignments. Detailed reports are forwarded within 48 hours to the client.

Our uniquely qualified technical specialists are strategically located to provide cost efficient services.
We represent you on site. We are on your side.

Our area of expertise

We carry out inspection of critical turbine parts, heavy forging, castings and critical components:

  • Hydropower Turbines
  • Kaplan blades and guide vanes, Pelton and Francis runners
  • Turbine and generator shafts
  • Turbine casings, shaft seals and distributors, White Metal Bearings, and bolting
  • Steel Structures, Gates and welded construction, Rotary and Butterfly Valves, Line Pipes and Penstocks.
  • Hydraulic stations, accumulators and filtering units

We are experienced with various material types, such as carbon steel, low alloy steel, austenic, martensitic and
duplex stainless steel as well as white metal and stellite. We are also familiar with relevant manufacturing processes, American and International codes and standards, CCH70-3 specification, NDT international standards.

Our scope of services

The role of INSPECTEAM Hydro is to monitor and inspect hydropower equipment on behalf of our clients as an independent organization. We ensure that all aspects of the manufacturing process fully meet the client’s requirements, in compliance with the Technical Requisition and with applicable Quality Plans or Inspection and Test Plans.