Our services

performs the surveillance of your suppliers on your behalf by offering inspection and expediting services across Europe. Such as supervision, in-process and preshipment inspection and testing and expediting of mechanical and electrical equipment for the Hydropower industry.

INSPECTEAM Hydro’s scope of work is to ascertain that products and materials meet the contract requirements, by ensuring that they conform to the design and standards specified by our clients in the purchase order and in the other contractual agreements.

We have a team of qualified engineers and quality/NDT inspectors, experts in the energy sector and especially in the hydropower and water resources industry. Our team is subject to a continuous training program and offers our clients the highest technical competence and professional skill.

Our Mission:

  • To be the client’s eyes on location. We act in close contactand on behalf of your technical staff
  • We are on your side. From the investment decisionto sustainable and safe energy production

Our Services:

  • Mechanical & Electrical Inspection
  • Expediting
  • Vendor Assessment Audits
  • Consultancy on the Continuous Quality Surveillance Scheme
  • Training

Our Customers:

  • Energy Utilities, Private Developers and Plant Owners
  • Investors and Project Developers
  • Hydropower Contractors and Manufacturers