Consulting for the Continuous Quality Surveillance Scheme (CQSS)

The Continuous Quality Surveillance of your vendors activities is required to cover everything from the control of conformity of incoming material to the final inspection and delivery. Thus making possible the detection of defects and problems that otherwise would remain hidden until commissioning of the plant.
INSPECTEAM Hydro offers consultancy for the implementation of a CQSS system for specific Purchase Orders placed to
your vendors.

Pre-Inspection Meeting (PIM)

Experience lead us to consider the PIM as the point of clarification of all the technical and quality aspects for all the subjects involved in the project (Client, Contractor, Supplier, Inspection Agency).

Inspection & Test Plan (ITP)

The Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) is a document for quality control defining all the inspection and tests required during the manufacturing process. For each point of inspection, the level of control required for each subject involved must be indicated (client, contractor, supplier and sub-suppliers, inspection agency). This allows the formalisation of surveillance during the whole manufacturing process, until completion and delivery. The frequency of the intervention points assisted by the Appointed Inspector (Witness Points) is determined by the client depending on the importance of the component.

Notification for Inspection (NOI)

Referring to the points of inspection reported on the ITP, the vendor is responsible for notificationof the dates of inspection scheduled to all the subjects involved. Therefore the vendor must issue upon notice, a Notification of Inspection (NOI) indicating the kind of control, applicable ITP line, date and duration forecasted for the activity and in general all the information required to carry out inspection activities in compliance with the ITP.

Ensure Compliance. Add Safety. Add Value.

In the perspective of Continuous Quality Surveillance Scheme (CQSS), the totality of critical processes at your vendor’s premises must be monitored from the beginning and for the whole duration of the production process. An error in an early stage of production is very hard to fix afterwards and could be potentially disastrous after completing production, once the materials or equipment are delivered to site.

The Continuous Quality Surveillance Scheme relies basically on the following instruments:

  • Continuity of the Appointed Inspector intervention (leaning on Independent Inspection Agencies)
  • Pre-Inspection Meeting (PIM) at preliminary stage of manufacturing
  • Inspection and Test Plan (ITP), detailed with specific Witness Points for each critical production step
  • Formalisation of interventions by means of Notification of Inspection (NOI)
  • Expediting activities to verify the effective progress of works, detecting and avoiding bottlenecks